Trailer Board Lights Legal or Illegal

KEITHN61 replied on 05/07/2019 12:25

Posted on 05/07/2019 12:25


I have an old caravan that we are about to sell  but are having one last trip in it in the near future , and found there is a fault with the lights ( no indicators , brakes etc) .Rather than go to the expense of having someone looking into this am I ok to drive the caravan with a trailer board  fixed to the back of the Caravan ( I have one from when I had a trailer , and works fine) , hence why I think its the caravan lights and not the car )

Thanks in advance


DS3 replied on 18/07/2019 19:39

Posted on 18/07/2019 19:39

Hmm! Technically, any lights that are fitted, MUST work. Therefore, if the marker lights are not working, and you get pulled over by VOSA, you may well end up with a caravan you are not allowed to tow any further.

On the other hand, it is very unlikely that will happen, and using the trailer board is legal to cover the rear lights. You don't legally need a fog light, nor reversing lights, but then again, if they are fitted they should work.

So, in answer to your question, no, it isn't legal to use the trailer board if your caravan is fitted with marker lights, a fog light and reversing lights that don't work.

However, it could be argued that as it isn't foggy, or dark, they are not needed anyway. As for a police officer nicking you for it, it isn't going to happen if the main lights and indicators on the trailer board work.


Lutz replied on 19/07/2019 13:56

Posted on 19/07/2019 13:56

I'm sorry, but if the caravan was manufactured on or after the 1st April 1980 it must have a type approved rear fog lamp. A reversing lamp is optional, but if fitted it must display an approval mark if the caravan was first used on or after 1st October 1985.

compass362 replied on 20/07/2019 08:30

Posted on 20/07/2019 08:30

To be honest carrying a trailer board incase of caravan electrical problems isn't a bad idea.

If you have room for storage & the cost is relatively low compared to the implications of not having the correct lighting / issues. 

We only have 7 pin trailer socket on the towcar anyway , but relay on a 13 Pin adapter for caravan connection when towing.