CL reviews in the wrong place

Robert replied on 28/06/2023 10:28

Posted on 28/06/2023 10:28

I had been looking at a CL in Bedale Yorkshire reading reviews to notice that some of the reviews did not relate to site in Yorkshire but site in Devon only noticed it as some members review said road they had turned off to get to site So I now don't know if any of the reviews relate to site (Springfield Farm)

Moderator Comment - Title changed to reflect content of post. If finding inaccuracies in the placing of reviews it is best to contact the Club direct. I suspect there are some CL's with similar sounding names, hence the mistake?

Hja replied on 28/06/2023 10:38

Posted on 28/06/2023 10:38

Be a good thing to log this with the club directly.

Tinwheeler replied on 28/06/2023 10:44

Posted on 28/06/2023 10:44

This might not be a website issue as occasionally people post their reviews on the wrong site page. However, I’ll report your post, Robert, to bring the matter to Rowena’s attention. I’m sure she will pass it on to the department concerned.

Dipper replied on 28/06/2023 12:21

Posted on 28/06/2023 12:21

Is anyone having a problem with booking a site online as it appears to be not working?

SteveL replied on 28/06/2023 13:02

Posted on 28/06/2023 12:21 by Dipper

Is anyone having a problem with booking a site online as it appears to be not working?

Posted on 28/06/2023 13:02

Looks like it might be having a melt down again. I keep getting:-

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Wherenext replied on 28/06/2023 15:55

Posted on 28/06/2023 15:55

Talking of strange happenings on the website, I was halfway through a post I was writing, about 10 minutes after logging on, when it decided at that point to ask me about my cookie preferences. Every other site, Iiterally every other site, asks about these when you first access their sites. 

Obviously it's no big deal but it does add to the impression that this actual forum is really a p.s. in the clubs thinking.

Wherenext replied on 10/08/2023 21:53

Posted on 10/08/2023 21:53

Try Find a UK campsite at top of page. Then scroll down to Find a CL. Click on Photo and old system for looking at CLs appears.

There are other ways and a link somewhere but this machine I'm using a bit cumbersome at moment. Already lost this reply twice!

nelliethehooker replied on 11/08/2023 21:34

Posted on 10/08/2023 06:59 by ClubMember9311883496

I'm having exactly the same issue even trying to search for sites for my autumn break. Very frustrating.

Posted on 11/08/2023 21:34

I would ignore the club's ( this) website to find CLs, or other sites, and use the Searchforsites website, see below. Select Browse by Map facility, position the curser I've area you want to visit, select search and then expand the map. It will show all the pitching/ stopping places in that area. Select a site of choice and that will then appear as a separate post which will enable access  the relevant web page. Sounds much more complex than it actually is. Good luck.


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