CL of the Year Awards - Shortlisted sites

Skybarn Farm CL replied on 08/09/2023 11:02

Posted on 08/09/2023 11:02

Please see the link below for a full list of CL sites which have been shortlisted for the 2023 CL of the Year Awards.  We are very proud to be included in the list laughing

The CL of the Year Award recognises the very best sites and rewards hard-working owners who pull out all the stops for members. If you regularly use CLs, you’ll know what they have to offer – some sit in picturesque rural settings and others are near to the city for a sightseeing break. 

This year, there are five National CL awards; Best CL newcomer (since April 2021), Best CL in England, Best CL in Wales, Best CL in Scotland & Northern Ireland and Most unique CL. In addition to these awards, this year CL owners can nominate themselves for the new Sustainability Award which recognises the efforts they put in to making their CL sustainable.

nelliethehooker replied on 16/09/2023 19:16

Posted on 14/09/2023 21:38 by Tinwheeler

Tapping twice fairly quickly on the Club Together tab works for me, Nellie. Then go put the kettle on while it thinks about loading 😄

Posted on 16/09/2023 19:16

Thanks, TW, I will give that a go. Sorry about the delay in responding, I just missed your reply to my post last nightembarassed

Takethedogalong replied on 16/09/2023 19:46

Posted on 16/09/2023 19:46

I do it slightly different Nellie…I tap on where it says Club Together just under the (Walls Ice cream) logo at the top left hand side. You do get the dreaded “server error” page up though occasionally.

nelliethehooker replied on 16/09/2023 21:28

Posted on 16/09/2023 21:28

Thanks, tda. I have tried both ways tonight with equal success, so I can now check out the Stories and Reviews as well as getting into CT in my usual manner. Cheers both.👍

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