Dog walks from Broadway Club Site

fatbelly replied on 16/11/2019 22:50

Posted on 16/11/2019 22:50

Hi next week we're visiting Broadway Club site with our high energy Spaniel Buddy. Can people recommend some dog friendly walks from or close to the site? We're there for a week so any recommendations for a Pubs/ Cafes in Broadway would be great. 

Bakers2 replied on 17/11/2019 13:12

Posted on 17/11/2019 13:12

Sorry you've not had any replies, mine won't help much either! We liked the site when we stayed there a few years ago without a dog. 

I recall walking to the village/town along a path next to a fairly busy road. I believe the train now stops very close to the site so if dogs are allowed on that may offer a larger selection of walks.

I hope you get some more helpful responses very soon. It's a subject usually promptly replied to.

peedee replied on 17/11/2019 13:32

Posted on 17/11/2019 13:32

Exit the site and turn left to go under the railway bridge. Almost immediately after passing under the bridge there is a track on your left which runs parallel to the railway embankment, take it to the end where it comes out on a road. Turn left and immediately across the road before the railway bridge you should see a foot path which takes you to the village church of Childswickham. Come back on the road or retrace your steps.


RedKite replied on 17/11/2019 13:42

Posted on 17/11/2019 13:42

We are on site at present and the station is closed until late December, we no longer have a dog but there plenty on site, there is a walk down a public footpath not far from site but it does get very muddy after all this rain we have had also you can walk to Broadway tower from the site but a lot it is uphill. We did go into a cafe on the right hand side of the road as going into the village and that did take dogs but OH and I cannot remember the name but very friendly, best advice is to ask the staff in the office and there maybe leaflets in the information room, I could suggest other area around Broadway but assume you may not want to take the motorhome out once on site, this is my home county being born just down the road in Evesham which we do not recognise now so many changes. Hope this helps.

trellis replied on 17/11/2019 13:45

Posted on 17/11/2019 13:45

Very close to the site is a footpath that leads to Broadway tower , if that doesn't wipe Buddy out nothing will .😀. Tried all the pubs in the village when we were there a couple of years ago , all very nice and friendly , or were . Regarding the train that Bakers was talking about , I believe it's closed now until Christmas .

Dawn F replied on 17/11/2019 16:52

Posted on 17/11/2019 16:52

Broadway is excellent for dog friendly pubs and cafes, several in the village all good standard and friendly.  Lots of walks direct from site

If you don't know the area worth getting an OS map either buy or loan from your local library

Local buses are dog friendly so easy to visit other areas, depending on how far you want to walk you could bus and walk back or walk and bus back

One of our favourite sites, enjoy  

Waffler replied on 19/11/2019 17:26

Posted on 19/11/2019 17:26

When we had a dog we spent a lot of time at broadway. If you are happy to drive then Dover’s Hill is nice. National trust car park and lots of dog walking. Could get muddy and lots of opportunities to roll in nasty stuff, the dog not me.  Near chipping campden.