Kent M2 reminder

triky auto replied on 15/07/2019 17:40

Posted on 15/07/2019 17:40

yell M.2 Closures at J.5-7 for the next TWO weekends ,,HORRENDOUS diversions in place !!  Using the M.20 may be a better route  !! surprised.

magnet replied on 15/07/2019 21:51

Posted on 15/07/2019 21:51

hi triky auto

looks like our home county motorway will be solid with traffic even the A roads will be packed as the road works on the m20 near me at Snodland.. I think it has o be a stay at home weekend, thank you for the information . DAVE

triky auto replied on 17/07/2019 18:54

Posted on 17/07/2019 18:54

An announcement from "Highways England" has just said that the week-end closures are CANCELLED  !!  Overnight works WILL continue though !!  surprised.