Allan Evans, A and N Caravans

BoleroBoy replied on 16/08/2019 08:47

Posted on 16/08/2019 08:47

it was sad to hear of the death of Allan Evans, the former owner of A and N Caravans who was a stalwart of many forums, giving his patient and detailed advice to those seeking it regarding batteries, solar panels and the like.

he was well respected, well liked and spent hours, even in the darkest days at the end of his cancer battle, giving his precious time with technical advice.

he was especially well known on MMM (link below) and the AS owners club.

my thanks to him for his help over the years and my condolences to his family.


link to MMM thread

Takethedogalong replied on 16/08/2019 22:00

Posted on 16/08/2019 22:00

He seemed a well liked and respected individual BB. No doubt some on here will know of him.