Charlie Whiting

DavidKlyne replied on 14/03/2019 09:11

Posted on 14/03/2019 09:11

Charlie Whiting, the head of Formula 1 for motorsport's governing body the FIA and one of the most influential people in the sport, has died aged 66. This, as the opening race of the F1 season gets under way. For those of us that follow F1 his name as been as synonymous with F1 as many of the drivers over the years. 


cyberyacht replied on 14/03/2019 11:22

Posted on 14/03/2019 11:22

A long history with F1 and links to Hesketh and Brabham. F1 does seem to be changing out of all recognition with its focus as a money making enterprise rather than a motor sport. Going the way of football but with less pervasive coverage.