Chris Froome

Takethedogalong replied on 12/06/2019 15:21

Posted on 12/06/2019 15:21

Just heard he has had a very bad accident in training. Severe break to leg, could take a lot of time to mend. Kind thoughts go to this dedicated and hugely successful athlete, and hopes for a good recovery.

Wherenext replied on 12/06/2019 19:04

Posted on 12/06/2019 19:04

Guess there won't be any of those "Who is the team leader, Dave?" type of questions at the TDF.

Hope he makes a full recovery.

Takethedogalong replied on 12/06/2019 22:59

Posted on 12/06/2019 22:59

Sounds quite bad. He’s fractured his elbow and broken ribs as well. Could be out for a long while. We were hoping to see him along with other Cycling greats up in Yorkshire at UCI World Championships in September.

ABM replied on 12/06/2019 23:26

Posted on 12/06/2019 23:26

Elbows and ribs can normally be strapped up if clean breaks, but the femur is where cyclists power is generated surprised. I can only wish him the best for a speedy recovery.

Mark well the date -- Wednesday June 12th -- now start counting until he's back in the saddle again (  oops that's a Gene Autry Song I think )

ABM replied on 13/06/2019 22:55

Posted on 13/06/2019 22:55

Latest I heard was that he had broken his hip as well,  and the doctor reckoned on at LEAST 6 months rehab for him. Next time he'll stop, get off & blow his nose more carefully  !

BJL replied on 14/06/2019 11:57

Posted on 14/06/2019 11:57

Very nasty accident, especially given that Chris was going for his 5th win in the TDF. We wish him and his family all the very best and hope Chris is able to make a full recovery from this; hitting a wall at 54kph would be bad enough in a motor, but so very much worse on a bike! All the best Chris and we hope you are turning the pedals again very soon.


Takethedogalong replied on 15/06/2019 10:19

Posted on 15/06/2019 10:19

It’s not just his hip. Fractured neck as well. Such a shame, hope he makes a full recovery.

Hes just been credited with another Vuelta win, as the rider who beat him into second place has been found guilty of doping offences.

ABM replied on 15/06/2019 15:48

Posted on 15/06/2019 15:48

It seems he's done a right good job on his body, TDA !

They say he's damaged his lungs and another bone in that area. I cannot remember if it was Scapula or Sternum but he'll be able to do an indepth report on pre- Brexit hospitals in Europe as well as get the latest biography moving  !