Doris Day RIP

JollyKernow replied on 13/05/2019 20:47

Posted on 13/05/2019 20:47

Respect to a fantastic artist. Grew up listening to my mums DD 78's. Deadwood stage and Secret Love still favourites.laughing

Todays "talent" seems to be forgotten in a few weeks, what's todays generation got to look back on eh?undecided


DavidKlyne replied on 13/05/2019 20:54

Posted on 13/05/2019 20:54

A big thank you to someone who brightened up many people's lives. They just don't make films like the one's she appeared in. Perhaps everything has it's time but the films really allowed you to be in a different world. The Deadwood Stage is heading all over the hills, whip crack away

Magic, thank you Doris Day.