Martin Peters

redface replied on 21/12/2019 18:19

Posted on 21/12/2019 18:19

I miss standing in the stands and watching the skill he had, whilst the wind whistled in through the open corners and froze my whatsits.

Yes, he was a great lad and was sadly missed.

ABM replied on 21/12/2019 20:48

Posted on 21/12/2019 20:48

Agreed, Trellis, We are running short of the Heroes of our ( my ) youth

R I P Martin Peters

Extugger replied on 22/12/2019 06:27

Posted on 22/12/2019 06:27


One of only 2 men to score for England in a World Cup final.....a "new breed of player, who plays in midfield and regularly scores goals!"

A quiet man off the field, a giant on it.



ABM replied on 22/12/2019 22:19

Posted on 21/12/2019 21:05 by DavidKlyne

Am I wrong in thinking that since 30th July 1966 that England, the country, has never again celebrated such a feeling of collective euphoria thanks to Martin Peters and his team mates? 


Posted on 22/12/2019 22:19

No, I don't think you are wrong there, David

{ But the agony and angst that follows from the inability to repeat that victory is nearly as great  frown )