Tencreek - Looe

triky auto replied on 13/04/2019 13:14

Posted on 13/04/2019 13:14

Just read about the little boy's death at the holiday park in Looe.Savaged by an out of control Bulldog type animal,,,shocking for all concerned .Commiserations .frown.

Tammygirl replied on 13/04/2019 13:42

Posted on 13/04/2019 13:42

Very sad indeed, poor little thing. 

Last night on the Scottish news it announced a 6 week old baby had been attacked by a dog. Not heard anything today as to how the baby is doing.frown

ABM replied on 13/04/2019 15:24

Posted on 13/04/2019 15:24

6 Week  old  baby  boy  from  Hawick is  in  a  Critical  Condition  in  the  Royal  Hospital for Children,  Glasgow.

Local  councillor  reported  as  saying  the  child  may  well  be  scarred  for  life.

Police say inquiries  are  ongoing,  but  the  dog  involved has  been  destroyed.

From  BBC Scotland  News