Terry Jones RIP

moulesy replied on 22/01/2020 15:11

Posted on 22/01/2020 14:27 by WayTwoGo

A very clever, funny man and a ”very naughty boy”.


Posted on 22/01/2020 15:11

Like Graham Chapman before him, he'll be sadly missed. I thought the clip of him on the news accepting his BAFTA without really knowing what was going on was terribly sad.

A very funny man, especially when dressed in a frock or pinny and with curlers in - remember the good times!

Terry Jones RIP

takethedogalong replied on 22/01/2020 15:57

Posted on 22/01/2020 15:57

A very sad day for all Python fans. An absolute genius, and master of many characters. There’s not a week goes by when this household doesn’t lapse into some form of Python inspired humour........

”He [was] a very naughty boy”

RIP Terry Jones, your legacy will live on to inspire others.

ABM replied on 22/01/2020 16:53

Posted on 22/01/2020 16:53

It was very sad indeed, Moulesy, to see such a brilliant mind reduced to confusion so.

 Yesterday I was at a funeral with good numbers of Retired B T Engineers and there were a couple or three there shewing early signs but everybody was pleased to see them out and still mingling with the rest of us.  We have to be thankful that usually now they are no longer hidden away.

Amesford replied on 22/01/2020 17:12

Posted on 22/01/2020 17:12

Very Very sad, we were fortunate to get tickets to their final show at the O2 arena as a Christmas present and just imagine that Christmas morning the son giving his mother a stuffed Parrot and myself a tartan shirt plus a spam recipe book wink we thought he had flipped till the tickets appeared  over Christmas dinner. It's something we will always treasure, A very clever and funny man