What are you all up to

Oneputt replied on 13/12/2016 07:57

Posted on 13/12/2016 07:57

Got back from Fisher Field yesterday after a great weekend away.  Downside is van is filthy bit that will have to wait, more important jollities to enjoytongue-out House more or less decorated although not bothering with outside

Wherenext replied on 22/05/2024 20:36

Posted on 22/05/2024 20:36

I don't know about drowning rats Millie but I've seen lots of animals, funnily enough being well behaved and in pairs. Absolutely hosing down here, has been all day. Mind you it enabled the painter to get a good start.

Both of the ladies like a border to break up a painted wall and we hadn't realised just how out of fashion they have become. Like gold dust unless it's for children bedrooms where we can have dinosaurs or Barbies'. Mmm.undecided If the rain relents we're off to Ruthin tomorrow as they've found some at the back of their store cupboard in a decorators shop.

Great result Oneputt. What do they put the money towards?

We've come across many a gaggle of geese acting as guard "dogs" in farmyards as we've walked through. 

nelliethehooker replied on 22/05/2024 21:49

Posted on 22/05/2024 21:49

Reading all today's post I realise how fortune we are to be up here north of the border. It was fine when we got up and all good getting away from the site. Arrived at our latest destination and were all set up before we saw any rain. It has been quite heavy at times and is rather windy, but I have managed 3 walks so far without getting wet, and it is dry at the moment. As it turned out last night at Tarland there were just 8 occupied units, 4 German ones, 3 British tourists and one on a seasonal pitch!!

We are now on a THS with about 20 units at the moment on a disused airfield so acres of space for walking Flyte. At £7 pn, including a toilet and showers by the site which we can use, a real bargain!!

nelliethehooker replied on 22/05/2024 21:56

Posted on 22/05/2024 21:56

Well done everyone concerned with the raising that sum of money, OP.

Guess you are pleased that the painter/decorator has finally started, WN.

B2, you need a shout stick next time you go walking on that disused road to discourage that nasty goose.

Sorry to read that many are having stormy wet weather, and hope that it will have brightened up for you all by the weekend. I think that the farmers up here are rather pleased with getting some rain, as the crops looked like they needed it.



Oneputt replied on 22/05/2024 22:11

Posted on 22/05/2024 19:26 by Bakers2

 Spent today in the garden, mowed the lawn, cleaned the pond and tidied the borders etc

 Wot no rain!

We've just had a very heavy shower. Passed now but still moisture falling......

That sounds one feisty goose Bakers

I can assure you it certainly is. I was once 'goosed' many years ago at a visit to Leez Priory long before it became a wedding venue. And it HURT so take no chances now.

Oneputt that's a great result from the jumble sale. Didn't know they still occurred. I thought we did well at plant sale, £1571. 

Well done takethedogalong,  enjoy the discussions and the task.

Posted on 22/05/2024 22:11

No rain in East Norfolk today although further in land they had some flooding 

Oneputt replied on 22/05/2024 22:15

Posted on 22/05/2024 22:15

WN the money goes towards group activities, subsidising group camps and maintains the mini bus 

moulesy replied on 24/05/2024 09:40

Posted on 24/05/2024 09:40

A sad day for us yesterday when we had to say a final goodbye to our lovely old girl Lady. She turned 14 just over a week ago and had been struggling for some time since her collapse from vestibular syndrome last year. Although she had had some bad days since then she kept bouncing back but eventually it all got a bit too much for her so we made the tough decision to save her from further stress.

I know not everyone wants to read long posts about dogs so I will post a bit more about her on the pets section when I get chance to think things through and compose something.

For now, here is the last picture we took of her with Ralph, up in Derbyshire just 3 weeks ago,

Bakers2 replied on 24/05/2024 09:45

Posted on 24/05/2024 09:45

Oh moulesy 🥲. She had a wonderful life with you.

Thinking of you 🌈🥲

Rest in peace Lady 😘

richardandros replied on 24/05/2024 11:11

Posted on 24/05/2024 11:11

How sad moulesy - thinking of you at this time.  I honestly don't know what we will do when something happens to Meg.  They really are one of the family, aren't they? Draw some comfort from the fact that you gave her the best life possible.  One only has to look at the photograph to see that.

RedKite replied on 24/05/2024 11:20

Posted on 24/05/2024 11:20

Sad news Moulesy have been there with 2 Springer Spaniels.

R.I.P. Lady.

At last some warm sun today so mowing to be done after lunch and dry tomorrow as well with more to do outside, off to lunch with friends on Sunday and catch up with all their news.

heddlo replied on 24/05/2024 11:43

Posted on 24/05/2024 11:43

Really sorry to hear this news moulesy.😢  She had the best life you could ever give her and I’m sure Ralph will miss her.  R.I.P. Lady.   Thoughts are with you all.  

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