Dog crates

Grandad Golfer replied on 21/02/2021 18:50

Posted on 21/02/2021 18:50

Advice please from owners who travel in their motorhomes with two small dogs - (Shih Tzu - Lhasa apso size)

What size crate do you use?

One crate for both or two separate?

A crate is our only real option - we only have a two seater so seat belts / harness not an option. 

Thanks in advance

Takethedogalong replied on 21/02/2021 18:57

Posted on 21/02/2021 18:57

I would just give them as much crate space as you can. In together if they get on well. You can get decent fold down crates to store when on site.😁

Rocky 2 buckets replied on 21/02/2021 20:39

Posted on 21/02/2021 20:39

+1 with TDA on all counts.they will love being together, don’t feed them before they travel & ensure the crate can’t move if anything happens like severe braking etc. My Dogs have travelled 1,000’s of miles with contentment. Good luck👍🏻

brue replied on 21/02/2021 21:16

Posted on 21/02/2021 21:16

We have put an extra seat belt anchor point in our van and our small dog is attached to this by a dog safety belt and harness. Our previous two dogs shared a crate but as they got older they got quite restless, we had a strong fabric one and then a metal crate but neither was really successful, you will need to anchor the crate by some means. Both crates folded up easily and stored under the van in waterproof coverings. Crates are easier in cars as they are in a more conatined area but motorhomes need a careful rethink. Good luck with your plans.