Baltic Wharf petition

heanortownboys replied on 25/04/2014 20:42

Posted on 25/04/2014 20:42

Well we all know about the closure so how about helping to try and stop it

Please read and action the below


Hi everyone Bristol City Council decided behind closed doors to close Baltic Wharf campsite and use the land for a school. The local traders didn't know anything about it until the decision had been made. Know they now the traders who rely on tourism are extremely angry, particularly Bristol Ferries (who have a ferry stop there) and SS. Britannia both of whom say that say they rely on the campsite for their 'bread and butter' during the winter. A point that been totally disregarded by the council. They only need 3600 signatures on their petition to force the council to have an open meeting about it. It has enabled Bristol Ferries too keep running during the winter and therefore keep their employees on. Its a great campsite and will be a great loss to camping if it is allowed to close So please can you sign the petition below and send on to other forums etc you belong to. Thanks. Steph
This is an email from Lou Phillips of Bristol Ferries who has been arranging the petition. (please post on here if it isn't working so I can tell her).
Lou Phillips 19:34 (15 hours ago)
to me  It is working!!
Please sign and share! Me and Matt have an interview with BBC RADIO Bristol early tomorrow morning so the more support we can get the better,
Fingers crossed!
Lou x