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mickysf replied on 28/05/2019 21:08

Posted on 28/05/2019 21:08

I was about to explain to Easy how all vehicles can be driven at 5mph. Travelling towards Cambridge a few weeks ago on M11 everyone, including us, were moving at less than 5mph for about 3miles. We just got on with it!

DavidKlyne replied on 28/05/2019 21:37

Posted on 28/05/2019 21:37

I should not have to remind members that commenting on the open forum about moderating decisions is against the T&C's of the forum. The correct procedure is to contact the Community Manager with your concerns. Therefore this discussion is closed.

For general information. Threads are not closed on a whim and often its a balance between deleting unsuitable posts or closing the complete thread. None of us have time to wade through dozens of posts and I am  not should we should be expected to. The Community Manager always has the option to reopen a thread but often the time required to bring back a thread on course requires far too much time. Members can help by keeping to the topic and being polite to each other. If that was the case there would be no need for moderation?

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