Anyone else noticed the change(s)

Cornersteady replied on 16/05/2019 09:59

Posted on 16/05/2019 09:59

After the 'essential maintenance' has any one else noticed the change in My UK site bookings? Mind you I haven't checked there for a few days so it could have been done before the maintenance.

Any other changes?

derekcyril replied on 16/05/2019 17:09

Posted on 16/05/2019 17:09

This club is brilliant try the cock up on ccc ,,and if you look at new logo it looks like one company is doing both clubs

BoleroBoy replied on 18/05/2019 09:06

Posted on 18/05/2019 09:06

if they've changed the 'my bookings' page, surely the most important item to address was to ensure it displayed the prices ruling at the time of booking?undecided

i guess not.

Cornersteady replied on 18/05/2019 09:11

Posted on 18/05/2019 09:11

not really needed BB, when I booked in the other week the wardens automatically adjusted the amount.

You're the only one who keeps mentioning it even though it has been discussed many timesundecided

Cornersteady replied on 18/05/2019 11:46

Posted on 18/05/2019 11:46

slightly off topic, (but then I started the thread) on on last trip away one of my daughters rota had changed and she had a free weekend and she fancied the idea of an 'free' weekend. The original booking was for only the two of us so on arrival I said there would be an extra person to add on.

I was quite surprised to find that because my booking was made before the new prices (5th December was it?) the price for the extra body was at the old prices not the new! Well done club!

GTP replied on 19/05/2019 10:25

Posted on 19/05/2019 10:25

Always been down the right hand side...and still is. using iMac with Safari...however I came to amend a booking today(with available dates showing on calendar) but will not make the changes..keeps returning back to 'your amendment has not yet been confirmed'...tried to ring the reply so can only assume they are at the TB...