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Despite having visited dozens of different CL's we were made to feel unwelcome at this site. On arrival we pulled up on site. The board showing pitch allocations was at least 3 weeks out of date, so we went to find the owner. He made no attempt to greet us and said nothing more than tell us our allocated pitch. The only other time we saw him was later that day when he stormed across the site to remonstrate that our dog, which is extremely well behaved, was not on its lead, in spite of the fact it was not doing any harm and was alongside us. We rather felt as though we were being spied on. On our last day we went to the owners house to pay and discovered a leaflet rack which would have been handy on day one. We would never have found this as it is not our habit to snoop around the private quarters of site owners property. It is a pity that our experience was marred by these events as in other respect the site was acceptable.

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cody replied on 08/08/2019 08:42

Posted on 08/08/2019 08:42

Clearly states in the site details 'All dogs on site to be kept on a lead '  all except yours er.

Dougleberry replied on 05/04/2020 21:34

Posted on 05/04/2020 21:34

After using cls for 10 years, we have never been on a site where unruly dogs have been but many that have had friendly dogs whom we have been happy to play with our Staffy bull terrier!   If a owner wants to be hard on dog owners don't  have them....... no problem !  I'll stay away from this site !

Green Gilbert replied on 26/08/2021 14:55

Posted on 26/08/2021 14:55


I have just got back from a CL in Ninfield  Sussex  where I was attacked by a Lassie type dog despite giving it a wide berth when I went to get water. It attacked me I had to use my Aquaroll to keep it away from me shouting to the Motorhome dog owner to call its dog off me it was some minute and a half before they came out I had absolutely no apology from her !

DOGS ON LEADS MEANS DOGS ON LEADS I'm so glad Dougleberry will stay away from this CL  I may well pay it a visit now !