Rated 4 of 5

Rated 4 of 5

Peace and quiet

Rated 4 of 5

Facilities and cleanliness

Rated 5 of 5


Rated 4 of 5

Good for families

Splendid (mostly quiet) woodland setting

A Great little site. No toilet block, but this actually makes it more attractive in these COVID stricken times, as guests aren’t tempted to “bend” any occupancy rules in the facilities, which we have seen on other sites. The site is within Forestry Commission land, so plenty of walks for those with dogs and lots of wildlife to be seen. There’s also a lot of history here as the area was used by the 7th Armoured Division of the famous Desert Rats, just before D-Day. There are extensive walks with information boards and it’s not hard to imagine the hustle and bustle of an Army Tank base just before D-Day 1944 Noise? It may be an issue, and has been noted by others who have stayed here. The principle “culprits” are the USAF fast jets based at RAF Lakenheath just down the road, and combat rescue helicopters from RAF Mildenhall who use the nearby land for training... sometimes at night, but not past about 11pm. The other noise maker could be the nearby extensive Army training ranges, even though they are quite a way away. Our stay coincided with a “Battle Camp”, so small arms and rifle fire, and louder artillery could be heard, again they finished before 11pm. BUT... you would have to be very, very unlucky to experience both, and for extensive periods. Usually there’s more (muted) noise from the nearby main road. Overall a great site in a smashing location. Worth a visit.

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