Dilemma and Going Solo

This story happened on: 16/02/2019

I’ll have Dora on the back of the car on Saturday as I’m bringing her home after a service.

Now here is the dilemma, do I pull into a campsite on the way home and stay the night or do I head home, like a responsible person, and do the housework, shopping, laundry and whatever else crops up ????  Hummmmmmm

Well after much deliberation (about the time it took to press the return key twice) I’ve decided to pull into Chapel Lane, Birmingham on my way home.  It’ll be the first time going at it alone, well the dog will be with me, but it adds to the experience and adventure. 

Driving and towing Dora wasn’t any scarier than when I have my daughter with me, although we only had one set of eyes rather than two, but I made it there and back with no drama.

I’d downloaded Killing Eve so at 5pm I decided to settle down and watch an episode.  Fantastic isn’t it.  About 6pm ish I decided to put my dinner on.   I’d treated myself to rib eye steak and a bottle of wine.  Whilst the steak was cooking I went to my well-equipped drawer to get the cork screw …. hummm where is it …. Needless to say I didn’t have my wine that night!!!

I now know the trick with the shoe and perhaps just be brave enough to ask a neighbour.  Plus Dora is now equipped with a cork screw laughing

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Google map showing location of Wythall, Birmingham, UK

EasyT commented on 25/02/2019 17:34

Commented on 25/02/2019 17:34

Well I certainly would not begrudge anyone the loan of my Corkscrew! They only have to ask.

Burgundy commented on 01/03/2019 17:47

Commented on 01/03/2019 17:47

Met an English couple on a site near Reims many years ago. He’d been driving round trying to find somewhere to buy a corkscrew. It was Sunday morning and in the days when supermarkets didn’t open. He said he was desperate and could he borrow a corkscrew. I gave him one of mine. I always carry at least two, just in case one fails!!

paul56 commented on 10/03/2019 18:59

Commented on 10/03/2019 18:59

We were on a camp site in Nancy last year, sitting, chatting and generally putting the world to right with a glass of wine and were approached by a chap with a broad Scottish accent - he too hadn't got a corkscrew! Told him it was grounds for divorce and promptly loaned him one of ours!

vbfg commented on 30/04/2019 19:30

Commented on 30/04/2019 19:30

Well Andrea, I have been a female,,singlehander, narrowboat owner (with dogs)  for 16 years and a singlehander motorhome owner|(also with dogs) for 6 years and have found that, very,very occasionally I have been moored or pitched next to a miserable git, but usually people are more than helpful if asked.