Lockdown in Spain

This story happened on: 15/03/2020

Oh joy oh rapture in the sun,
We're now on lockdown, oh what fun,
No restaurants, bars or going out,
Stay at home, don't sit and pout,
Try to take it on the chin,
Pour yourself a glass of gin,
Or get yourself some beer or wine,
Three big glasses, you'll be fine,
A visit to some friends today,
Remember, stay six feet away,
This situation will not last,
One day it will all be past,
But just for now we hunker down,
No little jollies into town,
We should all get through this mess,
But just right now I must confess,
It's not a barrel full of fun,
But still we can sit in the sun.

Google map showing location of Almayate, Spain

Extugger commented on 29/03/2020 19:47

Commented on 29/03/2020 19:47

And when you finally land back in Blighty

You'll find the shelves diminished slightly 

Whilst we also observe the 2 metre rule

Things have changed, particularly the price of fuel!