Caravan Rear Camera, look for the lurkers

This story happened on: 28/07/2019

In March this year I bought from Amazon the revamped 8"  Toguard mirror dash camera which turned out to be an excellent product.  It  comes with both a front facing camera and rear facing camera. However on my Spring tour of France this year there was a lot of very boring video recordings of the front of my caravan, but it made me think. Suppose there was a camera on the rear of the caravan which was used instead of the one fitted to the rear of the car. I bought what I thought was the correct one from Amazon and tried it. Unfortunately it was not compatible giving no picture and I returned it to Amazon who very promptly refunded me. Somewhat disappointed I e-mailed Toguard in China writing in English  thinking I would not get much help. I could not have been more wrong. A very helpful lady called Rita replied and explained that the CE39 camera was not yet available in the UK and could she send me the correct one from China. It arrived in about a week and after buying some extension leads again from Amazon I fitted it to my Lunar Ariva and now I have a rear view that allows me to see the lurkers who tuck themselves right behind the caravan. There are three ways you can activate it. Run the red wire attached to the camera to the positive feed of the reversing lights or alternatively connect to the ignition protected feed to the fridge or finally set the picture on the Dash cam to rear camera and if you just touch the screen you can see behind the van.

I have yet try it out in Europe but preliminary tests in th UK look promising.

Chris Atkins retired engineer but still thinking