Sunny Cambridge

This story happened on: 25/02/2019

Almost the end of February for our first trip out in 2019. We were lucky that the window of opportunity to get away coincided with the most glorious weather which was unseasonably warm, if not hot! We headed for the Club site in Cambridge, Cherry Hinton. Being Sunday we had no hold-ups going around the north of the City on the A14 although I imagine it could be a bit of a nightmare on a week day! We weren’t quite sure where to pitch but the warden suggested at if we wanted to change from an awning pitch, which was booked, to a non-awning one that would be fine and we took that advice and found a nice pitch in an open area near the facilities. 

Somewhat ironic that a year previous we had been bombarded with warnings that the Beast from the East as it was about to devour us and yet on our first full day on site we had to make a decision on what not to wear! The site has the advantage of having a very regular bus service into the City Centre and the bus stop is only about 400 metres away. We alighted from the bus just beyond the railway station as we wanted to visit the Cambridge Botanic Garden. I had read that they had a “Winter Garden” which illustrates how you can introduce colour into your garden, at home, during those otherwise featureless months. I found it quite impressive and it has given me a few ideas. Refreshed at the excellent café on the grounds of the Botanic Garden we head out the other side in search of the River Cam. As we walked along the river we could see stakes of upturned punts on the banks. If they were all in use you could imagine the chaos that might pursue! By the time we reached Silver Street the knees were starting to complain so we made our way back to the bus. 

The following day we were back on the bus into Cambridge. We got off at the Grand Arcade which is the large Shopping Centre in the city. This time we were heading for the ”Backs” which we hoped would give us those iconic views across the water meadows to the rear of the Colleges. What we discovered was that access was limited in places so some of those famous views are only at a distance. Fortunately we were able to get a bit close at Trinity College. Obviously the Colleges don’t want a load of tourists getting in the way of students studying for their degrees but it’s a pity something couldn’t be worked out so that you could get a bit closer in places. 

Our final day on site was a bit lazy but in the afternoon we did walk down into Cherry Hinton although there seems not to be as much there as I remember from previous visits, unless I was looking in the wrong place. We treated ourselves to a nice meal in the Robin Hood pub. 

Thursday and time to go home. I decided to exit the site back to the M11 via Queen Edith’s Way towards Trumpington which worked out very well. It was still sunny but colder but the forecast was not so good. True to form as we approached MK it poured with rain which resulted in the motorhome getting very dirty. In itself this would not be a particular problem but this was to be our last trip away in our current motorhome which we have had for six years. Just another job before we pick up our new motorhome in a week’s time!

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Google map showing location of Cambridge, UK

brue commented on 05/03/2019 20:08

Commented on 05/03/2019 20:08

A good read David and crystal clear photos, thanks to the lovely weather no doubt. Would love to see the Botanic gardens sometime, always worth seeing whatever the time of the year. Hope all goes well with your new van. smile

Chrystal commented on 10/03/2019 18:46

Commented on 10/03/2019 18:46

Brilliant description of what looks like a truly memorable trip.

Enjoy your new Motorhome, hope we all get some more sunny days.