Exmoor House – August 2021

This story happened on: 01/08/2021

We bit the bullet and submitted ourselves for five night’s remedial training for the second time this year.  Plus I had to spend the site night voucher I received for re-joining laughing


Due to traffic conditions I arrived a few minutes after 1200.  As I pulled into the non-existent arrival lane a friendly but slightly panicked warder rushed to my nearside window and asked that I move to the white line when the two large units ahead of me had moved off.  She explained that there was already five units circling and more were expected.  I guess I was number eight in this bunch.  Check-in was quick and painless, apart from the extraction of money of course; never a pleasant process frown.  Neither my identity nor card was checked, but not my problem.  Dorset Lady (DL) was following up in the car and I was asked to quickly report which pitch I had chosen so that she could be sent directly to me. 


Chose a pitch (a mistake, more later), backed up perfectly kissing the peg, pressed the level button, connected the EHU, and put the kettle on.  No G&T as we were off to the Bridge Inn within the hour and would report pitch number on our way out.  By this time a string of about six units were circling and creating a quite a jamb but DL had arrived and abandoned, sorry parked, the car beside the van more on than off the pitch. 

The Bridge Inn

As we headed for the pub we met the lady warden puffing around looking for the miscreants that had failed to report back with a pitch number.  Not guilty innocent as we were on our way to do so, just a bit late.  Arrived at the pub about a third of a mile from the site.  Good beer and reasonable food.  Prices high but not extortionate.  Inside and outside seating. 

Campers behaviour – What fun laughing

Fast forward a few days enough to establish the norms.  For the most part speeds around the site were between 8 to 15 mph.  Very few trundled around at 5 mph or less.  A few pushed hard and I witness one granny, if not great granny in a small 21 reg merc managed more than 30 mph as she passed the MSP. 

Early morning pre warden appearance was fun.  Daily two smallish MH’s would be driven the wrong way around the site to the MSP so they could fill with water.  When challenged by another camper I overheard one driver say it was because his short hose would not reach the filler if he approach from the other direction and he could not be bothered to deploy his long hose.  One morning there was a good traffic problem when a tugger seemingly leaving site early parked his rig, a big 4X4 and long twin axle, on the MSP. The whole family disappeared into the facilities for about 15 minutes presumably to shower etc.  The two early bird MH’s arrived from the wrong direction and chaos ensued. laughing 

Grass cutting and site maintenance

The wardens are to be congratulated especially for the grass cutting.  Neat tidy and no cuttings left around to be walked in to the van.   The site was kept tidy and the large quantities of bottle evidence were removed daily.  There was no doubt about the capacity of the mostly older campers to keep the producers of alcoholic beverages in business.  The site could really do with bigger glass bins. 

The site and facilities.

As CC Ltd site go this one is quite nice.  Anyone affect by the sound of running water, if you catch my drift, would do well to stay away from the river side.  Certain pitches are not good for sat reception due to trees.  We had to move to get a signal.  The facilities are kept clean and reasonable but could do with a major refurbishment. 


Most dogs were kept on leads, mostly those long extending things.  Even the wardens would walk their dog on one often with the dog on one side of the road and the warden the other. 

The owners of one dog in a van near us used to leave it alone in the awning for long periods when they went out.  They seemed oblivious of the fact that as soon as they left it would whine and bark almost continuously until they returned; so selfish yell


Not a bad site with a good mix of friendly people with for the most part, a relaxed interpretation of the rules plus a few that pushed the bounds. 

Will we return?  Yes.  We’ve already book another stay not because of the wonders of staying on a CC Ltd site but because of the lovely area and environs, plus the fare from the pie shop cool


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Addendum to Exmoor House (Story).

MSP – A Golden Opportunity

Whilst there I noticed that the LPG tank and gas supply for the central facilities block is about 1m from the MSP.  With plenty of room available it presents a golden opportunity for an LPG supply pump to be placed there to provide fills for those of us that use refillable LPG cylinders. 


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