First service

This story happened on: 24/03/2012

Yesterday, I took the van for its first service.  This involved a trip up to the farm to retrieve the van.  First job was to remove wheel clamp and hitch lock, lower jockey wheel, raise corner steadies. All straight forward.  Refitted the fully charged leisure battery, replaced the water filter, fitted new battery in the smoke alarm.   … and still there was more, replaced all seating and cushions, removed internal coverings from windows. Ready to go.  Hitched up to car, only the lights to check…. Problem, the co-pilot was feeling unwell and unable to travel… who was going to check the lights???  Proceeded to switch on lights and check operation, found a brick to rest on brake pedal – all working ok.  Off to the dealers for the service.  Booked in at reception, told to take van to workshops and return the keys on exit, all straight forward.  A half a mile up the road, on the way home, thought I’d better return and pop the key into reception oops!!!  Arrived home settled down to a well earned cuppa … the telephone rings… Mr Edwards caravan dealers here … do you have a key for your wheel nuts??? Oops again….. I must plan better …. Luckily it’s only once a year….

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Commented on 25/03/2012 15:02

Save yourself the hassle in future many approved workshops have a mobile service and will service the van where you leave it- they need access to electric and water mind