That caravan blog: Morning madness - Joss

This story happened on: 06/09/2015

Date: Aug 15
Location: Crystal palace caravan club site
Time: 7:36am

So our first morning in the caravan showed to be rather challenging. Caroline not being able to charge her phone, the hot water non existence and the heater didn't want to co-operate. Obviously I had everything under control, apart from a few little things: I hadn't read the manual, and I had told Caroline the previous day that I knew exactly what to do.
Caroline was getting impatient, And I was reading the rather large manual, 
trying to find out why absolutely nothing in this caravan seemed to be working. 
Needless to say Caroline was not really impressed by my caravan skills, but thanks to Mark in the pitch next us, my day was saved. Everything was now running smooth. 

After our first morning in our Adria we took a stroll through Crystal Palace park and got on the train straight into Central London. We spent the day as tourists, and I was rewarded with a piece of carrot cake for my problem solving skills. 

The problem you may wonder, I simply hadn't turned the electrical plug at the power terminal to activate it :)


Oneputt commented on 06/09/2015 20:13

Commented on 06/09/2015 20:13

Nice one Joss, we had been onto a number of CLs before we stayed on the Black Horse site and a neighbour could see me struggling and kindly advised as to the technique without Mrs One being any the wiser.