The Dengie Peninsular

This story happened on: 11/04/2018

This is our third visit to this area of Eastern Essex as its stunning countryside holds us spellbound with its flat lands, creeks and sea.  The weather can be a big part of its beauty and mystery.

Unlike my previous stories I shan’t format it as a daily diary but identify places that we visited.

We stayed at the fantastic Burnham Wick Farm CL.  The site is on a 500 acre arable farm which is farmed by Martin and Adrienne as an eco and wildlife friendly manner.  There are lots of walking opportunities directly from site.  If you have a motor home or just prefer walking Burnham is only a 20 minute stroll along the road but longer if you walk to the river then along the embankment.  The Dengie Peninsular is just northeast of Burnham on Crouch.

RSPB Wallasey Island

This is a comparatively new reserve and some might know that it was created using the spoil from the London cross rail project.  There are essentially 2 ways of visiting the reserve, the first is to drive the 20+ miles along winding and in some place narrow roads.  The better option is to use the water taxi from Burnham on Crouch to Essex Marina then walk the mile to the reserve.  The reserve is not yet complete in terms that it does not have a reception and many paths and hides are still to be completed/constructed.  Never the less it’s a good walk with plenty to see.  It was a joy for us to wander along being serenaded by Sky Larks.

Heybridge Basin

Heybridge is just outside Maldon and is well signposted.  There is a free car park in the village then it’s a short walk to the riverside.  Take a look at the house by the steps up to the river path, it has full size models of African animals in the garden!  There are lovely walks around the area mainly by the river and by the sea lock.  I guess for me the must see sight was the Thames Barges moored in the area and the amount of wading birds on the mud flats.  There are a couple of pubs and a café by the lock.

Stow Maries 1st WW Aerodrome

What a great little museum this is based on the original 1st World War aerodrome.  The museum is full of interesting artifacts and buildings as well as some aircraft of the period.  The staff are friendly and knowledge and willing to help.  The airman’s mess café is a welcoming place for a cuppa and a wad.  The manager of the site is also an accomplished wildlife photography and sample of his work are found in the airman’s mess.  Really enjoyable visit:

Watched a TV program last night (14 April 18) about the owls at the aerodrome

RHS Hyde Hall

We have visited Hyde Hall previously so just dropped in for lunch and a browse.  If you are not a member of the RHS it’s not a cheap option but it is a delight with something to interest everyone:

Essex Wildlife Trust Hanningford Reservoir

We spent a lovely morning wandering around the reserve.  It was nice to see lots of children doing various activities including walking around the Wind in the Willows trail with its large carved characters from the stories.  Did spot a Great Spotted Woodpecker and various dukes and Geese.


Apart from visiting some relatives the rest of our time was spent walking and wildlife watching. Walks along the river wall to the open sea produced a myriad of wildlife including Hares, Buzzards, Corn Buntings, Linnets etc. Walking around the farm visiting the llama and the reservoir, where Martin has just launched a Tern nesting raft. 


1.       Curlew

2.       Llama at Burnham Wick Farm

3.       Ratty at Hannigford Reservoir

4.       Thames Barge at Heybridge

5.       View from track back to Caravan site

Google map showing location of Burnham-on-Crouch, UK

Bakers2 commented on 15/04/2018 11:45

Commented on 15/04/2018 11:45

Thanks Oneputt great to read something positive about Essex these days, perhaps I'm reading the wrong publications!. However, you have now publicised such a fantastic view of our lovely local bolt hole site I think I might need to ask you not to in future 😉😂 and tell those of you reading it that's it lies lies and more lies?

So glad you managed to visit lots locally. It's my backyard so to speak and I take it for granted so thanks for rekindling my love for my home county.

Did you see the Thames barges in full sail? Incidently there are trips out on them from Maldon and they have a website.

Fab photos too. Is the Lama still alone? He disliked his mate but they are pack animals - maybe extra farm diversity buying the Norfolk pack 😉

brue commented on 15/04/2018 12:47

Commented on 15/04/2018 12:47

Lovely to read about your visit Oneputt, it's an area we don't at all and thanks to the information on here (and from B2!)  we hope to see it in the future. The CL sounds great, it would suit us having lots of nice walks to enjoy. smile

Bakers2 commented on 15/04/2018 12:53

Commented on 15/04/2018 12:53

Brue is CL is your only choice from this club 😢. Look forward to greeting you in this neck of the woods in due course.

chasncath commented on 17/04/2018 19:14

Commented on 17/04/2018 19:14

Good to see that your photos are displayed properly: nice and clear and no distortion. We must admit that having lived in south-east Essex for some years, we'd encourage readers to follow your itinery and avoid the busy south.

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