A Caravan shared is a problem halved!I

This story happened on: 04/03/2012

My Parent's have an Elddis, which they store permenantly  at a site in France, called Court Vallee, situated in the village of Airvault near Poitiers. My Husband and I decided to borrow their van last August and base ourselves there for 2 weeks, with our 3 children. We had the most amazing and relaxing holiday, the children made friends and played with other children happily for the whole holiday. At the end of our holiday we decided that we wanted to invest in our own caravan. Within 2 weeks of being home we were the proud owners of our Elddis Avante 556. However, we were unable to find all of the money to purchase our baby, so my Parents offered to pay half of the cost. We decided between the four of us, that Mum and Dad would take care of the costs for their van in France and we would take care of the costs for our joint van in the UK. It has worked out really well, as we use the van here for weekends and School hols and my Parent's use the van midweek and out of School hols. We even had a caravan party on our drive when we first brought it home to clean it! All the neighbours were invited in and several bottles of wine and toasts to new caravan later and my Parents had to stay over in the caravan, as they were not in a fit state to walk home!