Club Campsite Rules

The Caravan and Motorhome Club (the Club/we/our) campsite rules apply to all members and non-members (guests) staying with us on any of our Club campsites. Guests are required to accept and adhere to these rules under the Booking Terms & Conditions which must be accepted by the guest at the time of booking.

These rules are in place so that guests staying with us enjoy their holidays as much as possible while remaining considerate of other guests on site. Our members have already agreed to follow these rules, plus The Caravan Code and The Countryside Code, as part of being a member of our Club. Additionally:

  • certain campsites may have rules that apply only to that site. These can be found on our website or when arriving at the campsite.
  • seasonal, storage, base pitches and Experience Freedom (glamping accommodation) have separate Terms & Conditions.

Throughout these rules the term ‘outfit’ is used to refer to a towing vehicle plus any trailer, including a caravan / trailer tent etc., or a motorhome / campervan / car with tent.


1. Arriving at the campsite

a. Arrival time on site is normally after 1pm and before 8pm but please check individual campsites for exact times. Please ensure arrival is at or after the earliest arrival time, in order to allow our site teams to prepare the campsite for new guests arriving. This is also important so that departing guests leave the campsite safely. Once you have arrived at site, please do not leave your vehicle in order to secure your chosen pitch, this should only be done once you have checked in.

Should arrival be before the earliest arrival time, guests are likely to be asked to leave the campsite and return later. If an early arrival is anticipated, guests should plan to stop in a safe location away from the campsite until the appropriate time to check in is reached.

We may not be able to accommodate a guest's stay if arrival is after 8pm and site staff are not notified. Therefore, please make every effort to notify us well in advance if a later arrival time is expected.

If guests want to pitch in a late night arrival area (subject to the site having the facility and availability), please discuss this with the site staff in advance of arrival. Late night arrivals areas can only be used if guests have a booking for the same day, pitch and per person charges will apply.

Where possible we will update our 'Before you Travel' page with details of external events or work made known to us that may impact your stay.

b. Our site staff have the right to refuse entry to the campsite if they believe a breach of Club Bye-Laws, health and safety and/or Club Campsite Rules may occur.

c. Members will need to have their membership card handy on arrival as this will need to be shown to site staff during check in. Digital membership cards can be found on our mobile app. Should a member not have their membership card with them, another form of ID will be asked to be shown in order to confirm the member’s name and address. We reserve the right to ask for additional identification or refuse access to guests who cannot provide this.

d. If applicable, guests will be asked to pay to the site staff any outstanding balance of pitch fees for their stay.

e. Specific pitches cannot be reserved as part of a booking. After arriving on site, guests may choose one of the available pitches for the pitch type that has been booked. If a guest has a large or very heavy outfit, a specific pitch may need to be allocated. Please refer to individual sites for the maximum length of outfit before booking, and prior to arrival check with the campsite to ensure there is a suitable pitch available for large or heavy outfits. There may also be times when pitches have to be specifically allocated due to site layout, safety reasons or ground conditions. Once guests have selected their pitch or it has been allocated, and before setting up, they must promptly return to reception and advise site staff of the pitch number and also collect their barrier card and keys, if applicable.

f. Bookings must be made in the name of the person who is going to be staying on the campsite.

g. Please note that a Club membership will allow guests to make one booking on one type of touring pitch of any type per night. Note that members are able to book both a touring pitch plus a tent pitch per night at the same campsite. For example, if the member requires a tent pitch for a friend or family member in addition to the touring pitch booked for themselves.

h. Anyone visiting a guest staying on site will need to see the site staff on arrival to ensure their stay is safe. The site staff may allow additional cars to be parked on a pitch. If staying overnight, a standard fee for visitors will apply and a fee for any additional cars may also be charged. The Club reserves the right to restrict visitors on site if required. Day visitors, i.e. those not staying overnight, are required to vacate the campsite by 10pm in order to minimise disruption to other guests.

i. Site staff are also responsible for the security of the site, please refer to ‘Keeping Safe on Club Campsites’.


2. Management and help on site

a. If a guest requires any help, advice or has any difficulties they should contact the site staff. They are responsible for the smooth running and safety of the campsite and for making everyone’s stay as enjoyable as possible.

b. So everyone can enjoy holidaying on our campsites, please follow the site staff’s requests and all notices and instructions. The health and safety of all our guests is very important to us.

c. If anyone on site disregards these rules and/or disrupts the enjoyment of others, the site staff have the right to ask them to leave the site.

d. Compliance with our Club Campsite Rules is a condition of membership and a condition of site usage for all guests. Those not complying may be reported to the Head of Membership Services and their membership and/or access to any of the Club campsites and services may be suspended or terminated. If this happens, refunds of site fees may only be paid by Head Office. Applications for refunds should be addressed to the Head of Membership Services at East Grinstead House.

e. Our site staff are in place to ensure things run smoothly and should be contacted in the first instance to help resolve any issues. If an issue hasn’t been resolved or guests would like to get in touch, please visit the ‘Contact us’ page on our website, where guests will be able to complete an online form and provide all the necessary information to assist us, together with comments.

f. If guests are experiencing difficulty with the Wi-Fi facility on site (e.g. logging on, purchasing time, issues with devices, payment or refund queries), please refer to our ‘More Useful Information and Tips’ on our website.

g. Supermarket deliveries can be accepted by guests in the designated area identified by the site staff. Please make the site team aware of any expected delivery, however, they are unable to accept any deliveries on behalf of guests or make guests aware that their delivery has arrived. Deliveries to a pitch are not allowed on our campsites.

h. Club campsites are unable to receive regular deliveries of post and packages for guests staying on site. However, one off parcel/card deliveries, i.e. birthday cards/presents will be accepted as long as the site staff are informed of this. However, if a parcel is for a one off delivery that requires a signature, staff may not be available to accept delivery for this and cannot be held responsible should there be any damage to the said item.

i. From time to time, we may need to introduce new guidance or processes, possibly at short notice, to comply with changes in government guidance or legislation. Everyone on site is expected to comply with these changes to ensure the safety of all site users and staff. Failure to do so could lead to guests being asked to leave the campsite.


3. Behaviour on site

a. When staying at or visiting a Club campsite please respect the comfort, privacy and convenience of other site guests and don’t behave in a way that discredits the Club, or would constitute illegal behaviour. Verbal or physical abuse towards staff or guests will not be tolerated and will result in guests being asked to leave the campsite. Those not complying may be reported to the Head of Membership Services and their membership and/or access to any of the Club campsites and services may be suspended or terminated. If there is an incident on a Club campsite, particularly where these Club Campsite Rules and/or Club Bye-Laws may have been broken, information about the incident may be logged and the event investigated.

b. When taking photographs or video for personal use, guests are requested to be mindful of others and respect the privacy of people around them, especially children. Guests may not take photographs or videos for commercial purposes unless by prior agreement with the Club.

c. Drones are not permitted to be used by guests on our campsites. However, the Club may occasionally commission trained, insured and licensed professionals to take footage and/or photos of our campsites for promotional and/or marketing purposes. In those instances, the campsite(s) involved will be made aware that the drone operator will be visiting so that guests can be informed. The drone operator will be asked to try not to include identifiable people, but there may be occasions where guests will be asked for their consent to feature in the footage and/or photos.

d. If guests have children with them on the site, they are responsible for their supervision.

e. To ensure that property is not damaged whilst on site, no loose ball games are allowed on or near pitches. Please consult the site map on the website or upon arrival for play areas, or ask the site staff for suitable locations to accommodate ball games.

f. Guests are asked to respect other guests' privacy at all times. For example, do not cut across or behind occupied pitches.

g. The use of pools, jacuzzis or other similar items are not permitted.


4. Noise

a. Be mindful of the noise levels on the pitch at all times, ensuring in particular that you do not disturb other guests after 10pm.

b. Please think of others and keep musical instruments, radios, televisions and so on at a considerate noise level. Generators should also be used with consideration for others, please don’t operate them between 6pm and 9am.

c. There may be some grass cutting and grounds maintenance during guests stay. These are carried out to keep our sites up to the standard guests would expect. We will aim to do this when least likely to cause disturbance, but some noise may be unavoidable.


5. Pitch usage

a. The maximum time guests are allowed to stay on site varies depending on each campsite and is usually either 21 or 28 consecutive nights, with a 2 night gap before guests can return to the same campsite. However, there are a few campsites where guests may be asked to vacate for longer periods in between stays. Please ask individual sites for clarification.

b. On most pitches, outfits may be pitched nose or tail in. Site staff will advise guests where their outfit should go in relation to the pitch marker(s). If guests wish to pitch in any other way please ask site staff.

c. To avoid the spread of fire, there must be at least 6 metres spacing between facing walls of adjacent caravans, motorhomes or trailer tents and a minimum clear space of 3 metres between adjoining cars/awnings/tents and other items (including windbreaks) in any direction.

d. To show consideration for others, guests must please leave their pitch clean and tidy when departing the campsite.

e. Site staff must be informed if guests intend to leave their outfit unoccupied overnight, unless guests are using a designated seasonal pitch. Normal booking fees will apply to the unoccupied period. Outfits can not be left unoccupied on a pitch for more than 48 hours.

f. If guests have a motorhome and are leaving the campsite, i.e. for a day out, they may save the pitch by clearly marking it as occupied.

g. Guests can charge their hybrid and electric vehicles by plugging in their vehicle via their outfit (not directly into the bollard) across the majority of our Club campsites. There are also a number of Club campsites that have dedicated EV charging facilities. For charges and further information please visit the Club’s website.

h. Most pitches provide an electrical hook up delivering up to 16 amps of power. In order to help with our environmental ambitions, please consider minimising the amount of electrical power. In addition, please limit the number and type of electrical appliances in use at any one time as over usage is often the cause of power trips and failures onsite. Please refer to the Technical Advice section for further guidance.

i. Please make sure all electrical equipment complies with current British standards and regulations. We are responsible for the safety of electrical points up to the socket outlets. Cables, plugs and all equipment connected to them are the guests’ responsibility.


6. Using awnings, tents or other items

a. On pitches with awning space guests can erect an awning, however, should guests' awnings be wider than 2.5 metres and the awning pitch be unable to accommodate the size of this, the guest will be unable to erect their awning. Guests may also put up a tent for extra sleeping accommodation/storing of items, i.e. bikes, or a specially designed toilet or cooking tent, provided the main outfit is occupied, but please keep them within the designated pitch area.

b. Please protect the pitch grass by lifting groundsheets, side flaps of awnings and any other material that is detachable that may impact the grass - tents or annexes at frequent intervals or as required by site staff.

c. On non-awning pitches, wind out canopies may be used as long as the fire spacing gap is maintained. All canopies must be sufficiently secured or wound back in at night, when off site or as requested by site staff.

d. All items erected must be located within the designated pitch area, and should not encroach outside of this, particularly not onto grass fingers in between hardstanding pitches.


7. Sanitation

a. Only empty the contents of chemical closets at the disposal points provided.

b. Please wrap disposable nappies and similar bulky items in a bag and place them in the bin provided. Please don’t put them in the toilets or chemical closet emptying points.


8. Waste water

a. Please collect waste water in a suitable container and empty it at the disposal point provided. Please don’t allow it to overflow.

b. Guests are not permitted to carry out a full scale washdown of their outfit on site, unless there is a specific wash down area. However, we do permit day to day mirror/screen/lights/windows cleaning with a bucket, sponge and very light detergent i.e. to make the outfit road safe, providing the water from the bucket does not get thrown over the outfit onto the pitch.


9. Rubbish disposal

a. Please recycle as much rubbish as possible in the appropriate areas. Please note that recycling arrangements vary from site to site due to regional operator variations. We can not accept large items and ask that these are disposed of in an alternative and appropriate manner.

b. If guests need to use medical equipment which results in clinical waste, guests must provide their own safe means of disposal and take these items off-site for disposal.


10. Fire precautions

a. As soon as possible after arrival, guests are strongly recommended to get to know the campsite’s fire safety precautions and location of fire points. Please refer to ‘Keeping Safe on Club Campsites’.

b. Fires must not be lit on site, this includes fire pits or similar items (unless it is a provision from the Club in the appropriate area).


11. Barbecues

a. Most campsites allow guests to use barbecues. If this is allowed, please make sure smoke and fumes are kept under control so as not to inconvenience fellow guests staying on site.

b. Barbecues must be raised off the ground enough to reduce fire risk and avoid grass damage.


12. Dogs and other pets

a. Guests are responsible for the behaviour of their pets and for ensuring they are not a nuisance to other guests. Pets must be contained securely, either within a guest’s outfit/accommodation, an appropriately ventilated vehicle, purpose designed cage and secured by a lead at all times not more than 2 metres long. Please ensure pets are exercised in the dog walk areas, where provided, and guests must always clean up after their pet. Guests should try to restrain their pets from toileting on the pitches.

b. As a responsible dog owner we expect all owners to act in accordance with government guidelines.

c. Unless you have an assistance dog, dogs aren’t allowed in the reception, information room, toilet blocks, laundry rooms, dishwashing areas or any other buildings.

d. Please see our ‘You and Your Dog’ information within the Sites Directory and Handbook and leaflet available on all campsites for further advice.


13. Roads on the campsite

a. Guests must drive their vehicles with particular consideration for pedestrians, including children and other vulnerable road users who have priority over vehicles on our campsites’ roads. Guests must have a full current driving licence, insurance for the vehicle being driven and they must follow the principles of road safety. Cars and motorhomes must have a valid road fund licence. Vehicle speeds should not exceed 5mph (equivalent to a vehicle being in first gear or a person moving at a walking pace), and one way systems should be followed at all times. Please remember that other guests' pitches are strictly not to be encroached.

b. Non-motorised recreational ride on equipment and electric bicycles (which do not self propel the bike more than 15.5mph) are allowed on our campsites although consideration should be shown to other guests at all times when using this equipment. Vehicle speeds should not exceed 5mph (that is equivalent to a vehicle being in first gear or a person moving at a walking pace), and one way systems should be followed at all times. Please remember that other guests' pitches are strictly not to be encroached. No ride on equipment is permitted on site between the hours of dusk and dawn, as determined by the site staff. Please observe any ‘no ride on’ areas on our campsites, such as around toilet blocks, and ensure that children are supervised at all times. Remember that the principles of road safety should be observed at all times, and guests must follow the club’s ‘Keeping Safe on Club Campsites’ guidance. Special care should be taken when cycling on and off roadways. Please ask the site staff about designated cycle routes nearby. It is recommended that all users of bicycles, scooters and skateboards wear safety helmets, and other relevant safety equipment.

Motorised, ride on leisure equipment is not acceptable on Club Campsites, in line with government rules on public roads.

c. Motorised and battery operated equipment on site are acceptable for use by disabled and mobility restricted guests to allow them to access the relevant areas of the site as required. They need to be operated in line with the traffic management system and abide by the speed limit, and users must show consideration for other guests at all times when using the equipment.


14. Leaving your pitch

a. Pitches should normally be vacated by 12 o’clock/midday. Please check individual sites for exact times, as these may differ.

b. If guests would like to remain later on site, not necessarily on the same pitch, please speak with the site staff. Be aware that charges may apply if staying beyond 4pm.

c. We understand that guests sometimes wish to leave the site earlier than originally planned. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for the Club’s early departure policy.


15. Liability

a. We accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage to property, people or pets while on a Club campsite because of events beyond our control. This includes injury, loss or damage that occurs subsequent to an event that happened as a result of an event beyond our control. Events beyond our control include but are not limited to: fire, adverse weather (including flood, storm, hail), explosions, break-in, theft, criminal damage, riots, industrial action, natural or nuclear disasters, epidemics, pandemics, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity.

b. We cannot take responsibility for, or pay compensation because of, events beyond our control.

c. We accept no liability for any accident, injury, loss or damage to any property, people or pets while on a Club campsite unless the cause can be evidenced to be due to our negligence.


16. Security of guest property

a. Guests are responsible for the belongings they bring with them during their stay with us.

b. Guests are advised to securely lock outfits and vehicles and remove valuable items from sight when not in attendance.

c. If guests choose to bring their own bicycle we strongly recommend that they have specific insurance that will cover the bicycle if stolen.


17. Damage to guest property

a. If damage is caused to guests’ property while on-site, they must make the site staff aware as soon as possible and provide details of the circumstances and cause of the damage.

b. We will contact the guest in writing once we have been made aware of the incident. If we consider we are liable for the damage we will ask them to provide a repair/replacement estimate.

c. We may require guests to obtain alternative estimates if we consider the estimated cost of repair is unreasonable.

d. Where it can be proven that we have acted negligently we will reimburse the guest for the repair or replacement of the damaged item(s), subject to agreement to estimates for the repairs or evidence of value.

e. We will not pay for any damage caused by another guest or third party (unless acting on our behalf) while on site. Please be aware that we are not able to provide details of other guests or third parties due to UK data protection law.

18. Damage to Club property

a. If guests cause any damage to our property, accommodation, articles or facilities, we will recover from the guest the cost to repair or replace the damaged item(s). This will include any call out charges that are required to assess the damage and/or to repair or replace the item(s).

b. If damage is caused to our property while on site, guests must make the site staff aware as soon as possible and provide details of the circumstances and cause of the damage.

c. Unless it is possible to take payment for the cost of damage at the time of reporting, we will contact the guest in writing once we have been made aware of the costs involved to repair or replace the damaged item(s), and explain how to reimburse us.

d: If any sums owed by guests remain overdue (wholly or partly) for more than three months, despite reasonable attempts by the Club to recover the debt, the Club may terminate guests membership.  This will take effect from the date we notify the guest of the termination, and future site bookings will be cancelled. In addition, the Club may make a court claim in order to recover costs.