Fast check-in at Club campsites

Fast check-in at Club campsites

Great news, we're excited to be trialling a faster and more efficient way to check-in at a number of campsites in 2023 following a successful trial at Clachan Club Campsite last year. The trial involves installing number plate recognition technology, so when you arrive onsite the barrier will automatically open and you’ll be checked-in, meaning you can start your holiday sooner!

In 2023 we're continuing the trial at Clachan and extending it to Southland, followed by Bourton-on-the-Water and Lady Margaret's Park Club Campsites.


A faster, and more efficient way to check-in

"We booked via telephone to main bookings who told us about the new barrier and what to expect. They also put details in an email to confirm the booking. When we got home I read the article in the monthly magazine, we knew how well it worked!!! Well done to all those who made it happen."

Club member, 2022

"Personally I would prefer to just drive up to the barrier, be admitted by whatever system is in place and sort myself out."

Club member, 2022

"It's very good news and hopefully will prove successful and be rolled out across more sites"

Club member, 2023

Fast check-in trial campsites

Lady Margarets Park Club Campsite

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Bourton-on-the-Water Club Campsite

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Top questions

Why are you automating access to Club campsites?

We are trialling technology on site so we can offer you the best and most efficient service, freeing up staff for other important jobs on site and speeding up the check-in process which benefits you the member but also shows the club as a good neighbour by reducing the impact on the local roads.

This is a trial and we do expect to discover scenarios we have not planned for and as such, the trial will be supported by our site team and we may adapt or change the process as required to ensure the campsite arrival experience is as efficient as possible.

Will all Club campsites be automated?

This is just an extension of the trial at Clachan Club Campsite which started in 2022. We are going to trial up to 4 more Club campsites at various times during 2023 to ensure we learn more on busier campsites with different layouts and wider ranging customers including storage, seasonal and Experience Freedom. Clachan Club Campsite is already twinned with Maragowan Club Campsite less than a mile away and was a great place to trial the initial technology and gave us some great learnings.

Depending on the success of the extended trial it may be rolled out to more Club campsites from 2024 onwards.

When will the trial start?

The trial started at Clachan Club Campsite from the start of the season in 2023.
It then continued onto Southland Club Campsite at the start of the season in 2023, then onto Lady Margaret's Park Club Campsite in April 2023 before commencing at Bourtin-on-the-Water Club Campsite in July 2023.

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