Buying wheels and tyres

If you’re thinking of buying new wheels for your caravan, stick to specialist retailers. Be very sceptical of second-hand wheels, unless certain they are in good condition and of an appropriate specification.

When buying alloy wheels, make sure you buy ones specifically designed for caravans, rather than trying to find car ones with the correct characteristics. Any make of tyre which has the correct service description and is Type Approved for use in Europe is acceptable.

If you’re thinking of buying new tyres, shop around; it may be worth consulting our guide on choosing the right tyres if you'd like further information. Prices vary hugely.

If buying more than one tyre, get a price initially for just one, and see if a discount (or free valves and fitting etc) is then available if buying more than one. Make sure you know exactly what specification you want, as many retailers are not very knowledgeable about caravan tyres.

The choice of tyre make is less critical than for motor vehicles, but quality does still vary, usually in proportion to price. Tyre brands can be loosely divided into three categories:

  1. Premium – use better materials, better production technology and design skills.
  2. Affordable – good quality products but less advanced designs. These are often branded using the associated trade names of premium suppliers.
  3. Very cheap – less innovative, use cheaper materials, less stringent production standards.

Pencil gauge

‘Pencil’ type gauges are cheap and small, but may be awkward to read, have a limited range (usually no more than 50psi) and limited accuracy and durability.

Digital gauge

Digital gauges are also small and cheap, but are easier to read and generally reliable. Accuracy is usually reasonable. Often read to 60psi or more.

Dial gauge

Dial gauges come in a range of sizes (larger ones being easier to read) and are most likely to be really accurate, especially if marked with a relevant standard, such as BS 4613.

Contact details

British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (BTMA)

5 Berewyk Hall Court
White Colne

01787 226 995 

Tyre industry trade association


Gaslow International LtdGaslow International Ltd

Castle Business Park
Pavilion Way
LE11 5GW 

01509 842 365

Tyron Safety Band


0800 757 677

Tyron Safety Band

Tyre-Line Original Equipment Ltd

Cedar House
Sopwith Way
NN11 8PB
01327 701 000

Wheels (inc alloys) and tyres

Wheels and tyres

Top questions

Do you have a list of approved caravan and motorhome repairers?

Yes, we have a list of workshops which have been independently inspected and approved to the requirements of the Approved Caravan Workshop Scheme.

Are caravans legally required to have an MOT or a service?

Caravans and other light trailers are exempt from MOT-type testing. However to be road worthy, there are legal safety requirements that must be met. An annual service by a competent service agent (such as a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme will check this, and also inspect the habitation parts of the caravan, leading to a safer and more reliable holiday. Take a look at our news article for more information.


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