An open letter to the Community Manager - reviews

Tinwheeler replied on 11/08/2019 19:02

Posted on 11/08/2019 19:02

Dear Rowena,

I think the time has come to press you on the issue of comments made on reviews. I know you are very busy but the situation is becoming rather discordant and inconsistent.

You have posted some information concerning the content of reviews recently but I can see nothing from you regarding the posting of comments. David Klyne, in the thread titled Reviews, posted some words on the subject on 04.08.19 and my post (pictured below) seeking further information was also reported to you in an effort to establish clarification. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen a response from any source.

Yesterday (10.08.19), a new review appeared which was clearly in breach of the Community Guidelines and several of us commented explaining how the Guidelines answered the poster's question. Seemingly legitimate responses were subsequently deleted fairly quickly yet the review remained until early afternoon today when it was quite rightly removed. Can you imagine the confusion this caused?

I have no intention of querying moderation here but, obviously, different people have different views on what is acceptable and what is not and it is that very difference and lack of guidance relating to comments which is causing a less than standardised approach.

Therefore, may I please ask for a definitive clarification of what is, or is not, permitted in comments on reviews to be included in the Guidelines? We, as posters, need to know what is acceptable to yourself and the moderators so that we can all sing from the same song sheet.




Cornersteady replied on 16/08/2019 13:25

Posted on 16/08/2019 11:26 by moulesy

Yep - just noticed one where the welcome was so unfriendly it resulted in "in caravan rows "! undecided

(Makes a difference from complaining about  "caravans in rows" I suppose! wink)

Posted on 16/08/2019 13:25

wonder what they rowing about? was the OH supporting the warden perhaps?

huskydog replied on 16/08/2019 13:29

Posted on 16/08/2019 13:23 by EasyT

It might be me but all that I am looking for is to confirm my details and pay the bill on arrival. 

Posted on 16/08/2019 13:29

Same here , all I want to do is get on with my stay and i'm not bothered what happens on site ,as long as it does not affect my pitch cool

EasyT replied on 16/08/2019 13:29

Posted on 16/08/2019 13:29

thank goodness I don't read them or leave them....

You are missing out BB. Some are very amusing. Occasionally on site I will look at the comments book as well. One comment amused me saying how poor the wardens were as the shop was not open for the writer to buy icecream and that the wardens were a disgrace therefore. 

The wardens had not opened the shop on time as it was all hands to the decks to sort out a flooded toilet block.

Rowena replied on 16/08/2019 13:39

Posted on 16/08/2019 13:39

Hi everyone, I am closing this discussion pending review as we have received a few reports. 

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