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cyberyacht replied on 05/01/2017 08:59

Posted on 05/01/2017 08:59


This thread is not for discussions. Post ONLY factual information.

To provide a comprehensive list of problems encountered, I would suggest that each post lists only one issue at a time.

Provide details of problem  as concisely as possible.

Operating system, machine used and relevant software. i.e. Macbook/ PC/tablet, Windows XP/ iOS7 etc, Safari/Internet Explorer/Chrome inc version No.

Please do not enter into discussions such as "I've had/not had this problem" as this will detract from the objectivity of the thread. Hopefully this thread may assist the IT department in finding where "all the bodies are buried".


DSB replied on 07/01/2017 16:06

Posted on 07/01/2017 16:06

Page navigation tool.  When you use it to get to another page, it takes you to the top of each page, therefore a page navigation tool is required at the top of the page too/ or other fix.

On my Android phone (Galaxy Note 4), you can only advance one page at a time using the page navigation tool, on Windows 7 laptop, you can advance 5 pages.  This needs improving for Android, with the possible additional option, in each case, of typing in the page number you wish to go to, perhaps.


DSB replied on 07/01/2017 16:12

Posted on 07/01/2017 16:12

Automatic resizing of photos when adding photos to threads, to meet the size restriction imposed by the CC servers.  Having to resize photos first will put posters off adding photos.


KeithandMargaret replied on 07/01/2017 17:26

Posted on 07/01/2017 17:26

I tried to post on 'Snagging List' yesterday morning with a small picture included.

The post hasn't appeared and after that I couldn't seem to post anything on this or any other thread.

Perhaps someone could enlighten me as to what I might have done wrong yesterday morning.

I tried again earlier this afternoon with no success but this attempt (17.22) seems to be working.

Every time I tried to post I had this message in red -

'There was an error submitting the form. Please ensure all required fields are completed and try again - Internal Server Error'

IanH replied on 07/01/2017 19:59

Posted on 07/01/2017 19:59

When 'liking' a post you are then returned to the start of th thread.

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nelliethehooker replied on 07/01/2017 21:49

Posted on 07/01/2017 21:49

When searching for a CL by name, if there are a number of them with the same name the same one appears regardless of which one from the list you select, and there is no link to the others in the list. Not fair on the others!!

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peedee replied on 08/01/2017 06:05

Posted on 07/01/2017 16:19 by DavidKlyne

The drop down banner at the top of the page is far too sensitive. Why can't the menus drop down the page from each heading rather than across the page?


Posted on 08/01/2017 06:05

Better still desensitise them. If this is not possible, then only have them open when you click on the primary menu.


Kennine replied on 08/01/2017 09:43

Posted on 08/01/2017 09:43

All platforms.... The system seems unable to allow Head Office to repy to the issues highlighted by this Snagging List.