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Well its not very often I would leave a bad review, but this might be the one. No welcome, whatsoever. The owner (farmer) did not even acknowledge me after I had said Morning. (rude) Yes it is a working farm and we have stayed on lots of them as we only use CL'S. What they should advertise is that the field you stay on, its right next to the farmers sheds, etc, where all the tractors etc are stored and used. Also what they don't tell you, is that they rent out the field next to the CL to campers over the weekends only.Not that they were any bother, apart from the cars coming and going in front of the field. It was the constant 2 dogs barking that were coming from a bungalow within the farm yard, that were a bother. They NEVER STOPPED BARKING. The CL owners insist you pay as you arrive, which was not a problem. But the box you leave your money in is not locked or cannot be locked, therefore anyone (untrustworthy), could watch you put it in then, take it out. The owner did mention to me that she had caravans that left without paying.I suggest she gets a lockable box and keep in a safe place. Yes the location is great and easy access to rutland pathways. Can only assume the people who had the good reviews of peaceful, must have stayed mid week. I think if a private site is being, run along side a C&M CL, then they must use different facilities. Dissapointed C&M member.

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