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This is an enormous field which is a positive. However, the grass is covered in grass cuttings which get everywhere and are most annoying following rain or a heavy dew. The facilities are poorly maintained -they weren't cleaned at all whilst we were there. We were woken at 6 am by the Farmers dog barking at us and rummaging through our bin. At no time did we see the owners-the offer of being able to purchase eggs and sausages was non existent and the signs warning us not to go to the farm because of a dog that might nip your ankles were most unpleasant

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AlanE replied on 17/07/2024 20:20

Posted on 17/07/2024 20:20

I cannot believe what I read in some reviews of Farm/CL type sites !   

Personally, I have often found that there usually is grass in a field,......would you have preferred that the grass wasn’t cut perhaps, or were you expecting Wimbledon/Lords/Wembley/Gleneagles “stripes” with all grass cuttings taken away?  This is a farm field !   There is no mention of any hard-standings in the CL description, as there aren’t any, so perhaps your choice of site was an error?  

The “facilities” you mention are always cleaned when we visit, perhaps the farmer was just busy out cutting grass while you were there?   There are rubbish bins with hinged lids provided in the facilities area to avoid any interference with rubbish, may I suggest you could use these to avoid being disturbed by any animals looking for scraps within their boundary? 

The owners on the site are easily reachable, their mobiles and landline numbers are posted up inside the service area if you needed to contact them, but mostly you will be left alone to enjoy the surroundings.  There are also usually details of eggs and sausages in the small freezer available there, with honesty boxes for payment, perhaps they had run out when you were there, as they are very popular with everyone else who seems to have nothing but good things to say about this delightful CL.   We noted the comment about the nippy dog as being both informative, very sensible, and amusing, but we are all different are we not…..better politely warned than nipped we thought.  Farm dogs protect their environment you know?

I also had a quick glance at your miserable 3-Star review (Gonegolfing55) of another working farm CL…..this one had muddy tracks regularly being used by farm vehicles !!!   Whatever next??? 

Buy a foot mat for your camper van!

I regret that you will continue to be disappointed if you do not select CL’s that are nothing to do with farms, but to criticise the farmers who are happy to share their environments to help make ends meet with poor star reviews is unfair and, to be honest with you, stupid.

There is usually a clue in the name “Farmnoun, (AREA OF LAND) an area of land, together with a house and buildings, used for growing crops and/or keeping animals as a business........Just to be helpful you understand?