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Non existent cleaning and no covid secure measures

This is a CL and CS on two neighbouring fields sharing facilities, so at the time of our stay there were 11 units in total. The shower bloc cleaning seems to be non existent (no cleaning during the full 43 hours we were on site). There is thick black mould everywhere in the ladies shower area and the only available toilet paper is a wet mess that someone had ripped out of the dispenser and put on top of it. There was no toilet paper at all in the non disabled ladies toilet during the whole stay. No hand sanitiser in shared areas such as recycling, toilet disposal point or wash-up area, just a lonely little bottle by the sink in the loos. The only cleaning materials to be seen around is an empty mop bucket, an old washing up sponge and a grubby bottle of bleach with about 1/8 inch of bleach left in it. This bottle was not moved at all the whole time we were there and neither was the mop bucket! There was bits of toilet paper and hair from showers all over the shower floor. I used my own cleaning materials to clean the shower before using it. The showers cost £1 for 3 minutes (!!!) and after the first £1 ran out and I added a second £1 coin, I only got blinking lights and no more water. I had to rinse off the shampoo on my head in our van! Thank goodness we had plenty of our own hand sanitiser because I felt I had to use some every time I touched anything on this site! How they can consider themselves to be running a Covid-19 secure business is beyond me.

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