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We checked that we could arrive after 6pm which wasn't a problem for the owners which was good. We asked for a hardstanding pitch but unfortunately the hardstanding here was nothing like we have had on other sites. It was a 'pitch' inside the entrance and we would be in the middle, it seemed more like the entrance drive rather than an actual pitch. We had both 'pitches' next to us occupied - one being a caravan and a large transit work van that needed to have their electricity hookup cable go across our front door. Have never been anywhere where we had to have other peoples electric run directly across our entrance. Luckily we decided not to take our awning as it would have been on the grass and the actual hardstanding part was covered in mud and water - there had been a lot of rain though so this cant be helped but other dedicated hardstanding pitches we have been on have been solid and allowed for drainage. The gate to the field was open at all times, on several occasions there were cars turning up to the site so it felt very unsecure. There is a large caravan storage site along the same entrance way to the caravan site so there were often people arriving and people standing in the lane outside of the gate. There was also a permanent van on the site and different cars and people turning up, again we have never encountered this at any other CL we have visited. Perhaps in the summer when you can choose to be on grass the site would feel better - not having others cables on your pitch, but the security aspect would still be an issue for us. There is no form of recycling - only general waste, again this is normally standard at other CL's we have visited. The road noise was not an issue for us despite being near a busy road. The grass was kept short but being mowed and clippings not collected meant grass got everywhere - caravan, car etc. Being one of the more expensive sites we have stayed at it was rather disappointing.

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