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We spent 2 weeks in Dumfries and Galloway. The first week at this CL and the second week split between 2 others. The contrast between the CLs was enormous. This site is tired. It may well have been good when it was first fitted out but it isn't now. Yes it is in a wonderful location. Yes it is peaceful. Yes the pitches are hard and flat and each has its own tap. BUT... - the advertised WiFi doesn't exist. When I asked I was told that the whole area struggles and although cable has been promised it shows no sign of happening in the foreseeable future. I was promised that the WiFi listing for this CL would be deleted (it is still there 2 weeks later) but why was it ever there in the first place? - the service block didn't seem to have a chemical toilet disposal point. When I asked I was told to put it down the (ladies?) loo. Sure enough that had a sign inside indicating that it should be used that way, but the problem then was that as I tried to empty it my cassette, being the longer type, kept hitting the wash basin. Getting to the rinse hose between the pan and the wash basin was also difficult. This a wonderful area to visit and the site is well located and peaceful. I just felt let down (a) by the advertising and (b) by the tired facilities

Comment from the Club:

The CL owner works incredibly hard to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay at their site and as such would like to address your concerns. Wifi wasn’t deleted from the listing as they now have satellite WiFi, although they make no promises as they are in a rural location. However it is now much better. If anyone has a longer type chemical pipe they are more than happy to show them where the septic tank is if requested. However, they thought emptying down a toilet, was a cleaner option. The CL Owner asks anyone to speak to them if they ever have any concerns as they will always do their utmost to assist. 

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Hazel77 replied on 26/09/2020 03:13

Posted on 26/09/2020 03:13


Two Star, because... you visited rural Scotland, and while they had WiFi, it was rural...


Wifi, wasn’t deleted from advertising, as we now have got satellite WiFi...  Although, no promises, as we are rural, it is now much better.  I did think, that I personally apologised, for our phone line (outside my control), and said that I was looking at other options...  I don’t believe, that you specifically, asked about WiFi, on booking, or I would have said, very rural...

If anyone, has a longer type chemical pipe, we could show them, where the septic tank is, if requested.  However, we thought, emptying down a toilet, was a cleaner option.

Please feel free, to visit other cl sites, in this area, that meet your requirements, in the future, rather than leaving a two star review, without complaining while on site...