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Rated 5 of 5

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In urgent need of updating.

Tucked away site. Takes 7 vans so would be very crowded. Needs a overhaul it’s just not up to standard. We spent a very peaceful time there and had field to self. We can see why they don’t get much trade which is a shame as it’s lovely but with falling down buildings and discarded farm rubbish around doesn’t make it appealing to everyone. Maybe get rid of cottage in garden and out in shower and toilet block to attract motor homes and smarten place up. Such a shame

Response from the Club:

Thank you for your review. The CL Owner has been in touch to address your concerns as they work hard to ensure their site is in the best possible condition for everyone to enjoy. The Site has a separate Commercial site for two more caravans, this is not part of the CL site. The grass is cut twice a week. The only farm item on the CL Site is a tractor which is there to pull out vans when needed but otherwise the site is clean and tidy. The CL owners have taken great care in planting flowers and making the toilet block look more attractive. There are no falling down buildings/ and no discarded farm rubbish on the site so this may be on land that does not belong to the CL Owners and is not visible from the site. We hope this helps address your concerns and we are pleased that you found your stay peaceful.



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Tinwheeler replied on 17/05/2019 11:57

Posted on 17/05/2019 11:57

No, they are not permitted to take 7 units. 5 is the max.

Why do you think MHs need a toilet/shower block more so than caravanners?

Presumably it would not be cost effective to install a facilities block as many people would not be willing to pay the increased fees that would undoubtedly follow.


PeterNigel replied on 22/08/2020 18:25

Posted on 22/08/2020 18:25

This review is inaccurate.  More flowers than any site I have ever used so is already smart.  More wildlife.  I do not need a communal toilet block - my van is ensuite!  
I do not need to pay £30 a night for facilities I do not need.   5 units on the CL. 2 units on the site licensed by the local authority and plenty of space for everybody.