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Rated 5 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5

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Fantastic Site BUT...

A stunning and well-kept CL in a beautiful part of the Country, with a great beach within easy walking/cycling distance. However, please be warned that the access road is not really suitable for anything bigger than an Eriba Puck or VW camper. We had the misfortune of arriving just after a change in the tide (the local beach is a surfing haven), meaning we had several oncoming vehicles to contend with. The road is nowhere near wide enough for a modern van to pass oncoming cars and there are no passing places for about half a mile. The trip into the site led to us almost getting wedged, with less than an inch to spare between us and one oncoming vehicle (we are 7 foot 6 wide), and frayed our nerves beyond belief. To leave the site, we left at 7am, and I actually ran along the road to check for oncoming traffic before radio-ing my husband the all-clear... thankfully, it was an easy departure but we won't be returning to the site unless/until access is improved!

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