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Rated 4 of 5

Peace and tranquility

Rated 5 of 5

Access to local places of interest

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Beauty of surroundings and scenery

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Ease of arrival/welcome

Not so good this time.

I've stayed two nights this time and apart from a text confirming my booking and one more very brief one telling me where the gate is I've not seen hide nor hair of anyone. I can't find any drinking water and no one has replied to my texts so I can only assume there isn't any. I know it's only a tenner a night but it's really quite disconcerting not being able to get hold of anyone. I'm a disabled woman travelling alone and it would be nice to know there's at least someone nearby. I also REALLY need some water and the nearest shop is a mile away.  Apart from being run by ghosts it's a really convenient CL.

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