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Beware of roadworks!

Visited the lovely Baltic Wharf site on a few occasions now, as we stay there when possible as my partners son lives in Bristol, so it's a really handy site for us. It's always well kept, and brilliant for accessing the floating harbour, city centre, and more. However, having just returned from there today, we were relieved to have made it into the site, then out of the site onto the motorway, as the road works, blocked off roads, one way systems and temporary traffic lights are pretty disastrous for caravaners & Motorhomers. Getting into site via the A4 into the centre, then into the site (our usual route in) ended with us having to Re route, as Cumberland Rd was completely blocked off our end in...... every which way we tried ended with no access, buses only or one way. We eventually skirted around the city centre and came down the other end of Cumberland Rd. Leaving was no better...... you are instructed to turn left only out of the site. However, having done that, the bridge at the end, where you would turn right to access city centre, was closed off, only allowing cars coming the other way! We eventually found room to turn around at the back of the M Shed musuem, and return back towards the site (a fellow Motorhomer had followed us, and was just as miffed) and we managed to pick up the A4 and then the M5. It was bad enough for us Motorhomers, but it would be worse for caravaners for obvious reasons. I gather all the road works & blocked roads is quite a dynamic situation........it can change by the day, as it did for us! However, the lack of diversion signs, updates and basic help to get in & out for us tourists is appalling. Club input & help on the local road situation there would be useful too. We were lucky, as we know Bristol & the city centre quite well, as family live there, so were able to negotiate our way around. Others will not be so lucky.......... Sat Navs don't necessarily know about road blocks, temporary one way systems, etc.

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