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Rated 5 of 5

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Rated 5 of 5

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Rated 5 of 5


Rated 5 of 5

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I’m a single caravanner with my elderly dog. I just love this site. Safe and friendly which is why I’ll keep coming back. Set in amongst a beautiful woodland alongside the meandering river Kent, there are multiple glades for people to choose their own spot. There is a one way system in place and it works perfectly well. However, I did see two camper vans turn around pointing in the opposite direction to the one way but this was only so they could sort their grey waste and fresh water filling out. Maybe they should bring longer hoses in the future?. One of the camper vans was approached rather quickly by one of the wardens who pointed out the one way system to them and asked them to turn around, again this was in a polite but assertive manner. He was only doing his job and he did it well. The only one thing is the access so please bear in mind the departure arrival times. These have been put in place for good reason. It’s a single track access road which is about half a mile long with very few passing places especially for bigger outfits. On my last visit I saw at least three outfits leaving late afternoon and also some outfits arriving by eleven. Not good people and it’s not the sites fault as they do everything they can to keep people to the allotted arrival and departure times. Other than the access pitch up and enjoy enjoy enjoy!! Stay safe everyone.

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