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Rated 4 of 5

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Rated 4 of 5

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Disappointing and abrupt

For our first time on Caravan Club Site a very disheartened and disappointing outing!! We arrived on site to be met by the warden walking down the road and kept turning around looking only to a point where he stopped turned around and just stared at us, obviously we should of read his mind to follow him and pull up to him so he could then be sarcastic, " you certainly like to make a entrance" is what he said, as I was stunned at what he said i let it go with no comment, he instructed us where to head and not to move any cones as the site is part flooded, we picked our spot and the set up, my partner headed down to give the pitch number and pay again met with Mr Miserable told to stand there and wait to be dealt with, For me its all about 1st impressions, he certainly made one, miserable, abrupt and down right rude, I could keep writing allday long with a list as long as my arm but instead I give the site a wide berth, maybe he was just miffed as the site toilets where blocked and the site was flooded on random pitches, A disgruntled caravaner

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bagpuss replied on 07/04/2021 08:10

Posted on 13/10/2020 19:07 by midsomermikey

Perhaps you should take into account that there is a pandemic & sites staff need to protect themselves as well as members

Posted on 07/04/2021 08:10

Unfortunately you get these. There's a grumpy one at Ferry Meadows who accused me of speeding on the site. Just blanked him, he was wound up more than me 😂