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Nice site with issues.

We bought our first ever caravan so decided to try it out locally, so choose Troutbeck as only 25 min drive from home we were also looking for some peace and quite as we haven't been away for years due to medical reasons. My wife is a frontline NHS worker so she was looking forward to switching of for a few days. The site is remote so we were expecting some quite time. Unfortunately the grass cutting, strimming and hedge cutting went on everyday we were there. While cutting the grass the staff member was abrupt telling me i cant have my awning pegs in the grass also my dog tether wasn't allowed and to take them out. My dog was in our awning on our pitch and was of her lead to go in and out of the caravan. The guy cutting grass told us she had to be on the lead at all times, i found this unusual considering she was inside. Our electric was also no good because it was black, i asked why? To be told he can't see it when cutting the grass..... I found this a bit dubious due to fact its hanging out of a big white electric box, with a caravan parked next it. There was also a stray dog roaming around which was constantly trying to get to our dog. I went to see the site warden, he told me it was the farmers dog. He was going to call him to come and retrieve it. I asked him if he could come and get the dog until the farmer arrives. He refused to do so because of COVID-19. I was amazed it was left up to my wife and myself to fend this dog off (i suppose it doesn't matter if the customers get COVID-19.) After an hour passed still no sign of the farmer, i went back up to see what was going on, only to be blanked. That particular night it was thunder, lightning and pouring down. The dog was outside our caravan all night long. It was howling, barking and scratching at our caravan. We were unable to walk our dog at night and in the morning. We had no sleep that night. I tried to call the RSPCA to report that the poor dog was out in that storm. Luckily at 7am when we decided to go home the dog ran of. We received no help whatsoever from the staff at the site, it was a shooking show on customer services. I tried to complain about our stay to the Troutbeck site itself, however they told me to go directly to the caravan club to complain which i have. Overall our stay wasn't at all what we expected noise, rudeness and no help from staff to deal with a situation they should of dealt with. We are hoping the second time we go away will be a better experience. I don't think it could be any worse.......

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