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My family and I have stayed on this site many times and hope to do so many more. What we cannot understand is just how fast some motorists are driving around the site. 5 mph means 5 mph, NOT 15 mph. It seems that caravanners are in such a rush to get off the site that they forget they have their caravan in tow. Motorhomers don’t seem to be in the same rush. I do remember reading that a tragic accident happened on this site a few years ago near one of the pedestrian links. This last week we were pitched next to one of the pedestrian links where speed humps are also in place. Numerous caravanners were literally doing emergency stops just before it because they were going so fast. In the hope of preventing further accidents can all visitors please respect the 5 mph site limit, or maybe a ridiculous number of extremely high speed humps can be installed at 20 metre intervals to prevent actually exceeding 5 mph.

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AnotherDavid replied on 02/01/2020 20:14

Posted on 02/01/2020 20:14

I would advise you to turn a blind eye and stop worrying about it. AFAIK there has yet to be an accident on a club site attributable to  speed. I spend 4 months a year on sites in 8 to 10 countries and have yet to get concerned enough about speed to do anything about it, just get on with my life.