Benefits of Caravan Cover

Top questions

Can I download or print a summary of my current Caravan Cover documents?

Yes, if you have Caravan Cover you can view and download your cover documents from the My Profile area.

Can I get insurance for my folding camper?

You can take out Caravan Cover, our caravan insurance alternative which also covers folding campers. 

How much should I cover my caravan, equipment and contents for?

The sum you choose to cover for the contents of your caravan is entirely up to you, however we suggest you select an amount that reflects the potential value of all items in your caravan, should they be lost or destroyed completely in a worst case scenario.

What security devices do I need to fit to my caravan?

The security condition requires that at least one security device is fitted when the caravan is not in use and unhitched from the towing vehicle. If you do not secure the caravan, we can decline to pay a theft claim.

When will my caravan be covered?

Your caravan is covered all the time including when it’s in storage, on your drive, on the road or on site. You'll be covered against accidental damage or loss from theft,  vandalism, storm, and flood. Please read the relevant cover booklet on our cover documents page for full details.

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