Club Council

Club Council is the advisory body to the Executive Committee on matters relating to the membership of The Club. It’s one of the ways members’ views are heard by the Executive Committee – it has an important role in shaping the direction of The Club.

Who’s in Club Council?

  • the Executive Committee
  • One representative from each of the 10 Divisions and Regions
  • up to 30 nominated members

What happens at the meetings?

Club Council meets twice a year to hear briefings from staff about what’s going on at The Club – from financial, product and service performance to member research and future strategy.

It also provides a forum to discuss proposed changes in membership subscription and the provision of important new services or changes to current ones. The great thing about these meetings is that the Executive Committee and staff can hear the views of Club members – this means that decisions can be made with the members’ interests in mind.

Who are the nominated members?

Nominated members are active Club members who are able to make a useful contribution to The Club at a national level. They possess the skills and experience required by an organisation that turns over more than £100 million a year across a range of different products and services. They communicate the views of the members to Club Council meetings and in reverse, communicate the information learned to members.

Can I be a nominated member?

Any member can apply to become a nominated member in response to the advert placed from time to time in the Club magazine. Nominated members are selected by the Nominations Committee and are then approved by members at a Club AGM.

Who are the Divisional and Regional representatives?

They’re appointed at the AGM of their respective Division and Region and fulfil a similar role as the Nominated members. They communicate the views of members in their areas and in turn report back on the proceedings of Club Council meetings.