Top technical tips for when you're out and about

Check our advice for tips and checks to keep you vehicle running smoothly whilst out and about on your holidays. Don’t forget, you can always call our technical advice line for help when at home or away.

Clean your spare wheel regularly

If you have an underslung spare wheel carrier, release it and clean/lubricate the sliding parts from time to time… if not it will inevitably be jammed solid the first time you really need to get at it.

Use a bike pump to keep your tyres topped up

If your caravan or motorhome tyres need very high inflation pressures, use a bicycle ‘track pump’ to put the last few pounds in as an alternative to an expensive heavy duty compressor.

Switch to LED bulbs

If you’re staying off-grid, switch interior 12V builds to LED ones to reduce power usage.

Lubricate your awning

Make it easier to fit the awning by lubricating the awning channel with silicone spray or silicone furniture polish.

Make yourself a noseweight gauge

If you don’t have a noseweight gauge, a set of bathroom scales and a suitable length of wood will usually give a very accurate indication.

Check all your lights and tyres before setting off

Get used to having a ‘pre-flight checks’ routine before setting off – always check roof lights are closed, road lights are working etc. in the same order to avoid missing something.

Protect your mains hook-up lead

Always fully uncoil your mains hook-up lead when in use to prevent it overheating. Lay it out in large loops if necessary. Never leave the lead connected and on the pitch if heading out for the day in a motorhome – use a ‘pitch occupied’ sign instead.

Look after your tow ball

Clean the paint finish off the head of a new tow ball before first use – if not, you’ll damage the friction pads in a hitch stabiliser.

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