Live from the National 2018

Rowena replied on 25/05/2018 09:02

Posted on 25/05/2018 09:02

Are you at the National this year? If so we want to hear from you. Whether you're pitching up in your caravan or motorhome or visiting for the day, tell us all about it on this discussion. If you have any photos to share we would love to see them too.

Don't forget to also tag us on social media @candmclub #ClubNational18 

But most importantly of all, have a wonderful time! cool


JVB66 replied on 05/06/2018 15:54

Posted on 28/05/2018 00:21 by Reevco

Thanks Rowena but we are totally different to motor homes that have cassette toilets we carry 45 gal black water holding tanks and 48 gal grey waste tanks and it's not just a case of wheeling a cassette over to an Elsan point we have to take the whole RV over and connect up a 3" pipe to dump the waste....


oh the generators are quieter this year much better

Posted on 05/06/2018 15:54

But at least you have a well designed dump system not like the majority of those made this side of the Pondwink

Reevco replied on 06/06/2018 17:16

Posted on 05/06/2018 15:54 by JVB66

But at least you have a well designed dump system not like the majority of those made this side of the Pondwink

Posted on 06/06/2018 17:16

We were firm Caravaners, and enjoyed our annual pilgrimage to the nationals each year till it was stolen last Oct and like everyone, made the regular trips to empty the cassettes. One big advantage is it feels more like a real loo to use..

Least now it's one big 45Gal dump, but yes much easier to do if at ground level but as you know all our sites are set up with Elsan points 2 ft off the ground so have to lift a manhole to dump

I'm just hoping that with more American caravans RV's and 5th wheels coming into the country the Caravan Club will wake up and provide dumping area for us at their club sites all it needs would be a 4" pipe connected to the main sewer and a tap, another plus for the RV is it doesn't use chemicals it works like the SOG systems fitted to some caravans.

But anyway that's enough loo talk back to talking about the Nationals and I'm waiting to book now for next year


bill replied on 10/06/2018 07:25

Posted on 10/06/2018 07:25

Seems to have gone really well this year but still a shame that the CAMC don't get professionals like Warners to choose the site and manage the event.

IanV8 replied on 30/06/2018 14:58

Posted on 30/06/2018 14:58

I thought the grass was far too long, it was high enough to get caught in the car and van door and it could have been dangerous if kids were lying in it and cars driving through it.

At the opening it was very moving with the laying of the wreaths but I was disgusted that none of the platform party bothered to stand.